Saturday, January 5, 2019

Magus' Music of 2017

With 2018 coming to a close, it's time for... my top albums of 2017!
(Yeah, 2017. I haven't finished digesting 2018's releases yet, haha - one needs a full year to do so!)

10) Sannhet - "So Numb" (post-metal, blackgaze, post-rock)
9) Fit for an Autopsy - "The Great Collapse" (deathcore)
8) Currents - "The Place I Feel Safest" (metalcore)
7) Dyscarnate - "With All Their Might" (death metal)
6) Rafael Anton Irisarri - "The Shameless Years" (experimental, ambient electronic, noise)
5) Bell Witch - "Mirror Reaper" (funeral doom metal)
4) Hundredth - "Rare" (shoegaze, post-punk)
3) Northlane - "Mesmer" (metalcore, djent)
2) Andromida - "The Void" (djent, progressive metal)
1) 36 - "Black Soma" (ambient electronic, dark ambient)

For a fuller look at 2017's best, check out this Spotify playlist, featuring 64 additional releases! Happy New Year!
(2016's playlist here)

You may find a post with the same substance but extra pretty pictures on my side blog - One Line Metal Reviews!

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