d100 DM Tips Critiqued

"d100 Dungeon Master Tips" Critiqued is a weekly series (updating Fridays!) in which I sample a couple of tips every Friday from "d100 Dungeon Master Tips" by Mike Shea (as featured in Dragon+) and use them as a springboard into discussion as to the tips' value and related issues.

This series arose as, in a moment of profound boredom, I was exploring Dragon+, WotC's digital "magazine" (which is mostly them pimping their latest adventure or tie-in product, but hey). One of their more recent issues (the one with an Acquisitions Incorporated cartoon on the cover) contained an article called "d100 Dungeon Master Tips" (tabletop gamers and their d100 tables!) by one Mike Shea. I skimmed through a fair chunk of the tips: a few were helpful, some were drop-dead obvious, and many were off-base.

But, what matters for our purposes is not whether they're "good" or not, but the discussion that they inspire!

Volume 1
Volume 2
Volume 3

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