Metal Monster Manual

Metal Monster Manual is a weekly series of posts (updating on Mondays!) wherein I share several album covers as brainfood for encounters in your tabletop RPG. The album covers are taken mostly from death metal releases (although other metal genres, and dark ambient, are often featured!), and are chosen for interesting encounters, scenes, or environments that they present. See what campaign elements they might inspire!

Some background: I have actually run an entire 8-week campaign based entirely around this. Pop an album cover up on a screen, "this is what you see," give some details on the action and atmosphere of the scene, see what the players do. Probably my most successful (and dark!) campaigns yet, and something I'll definitely do again sometime (with a different group of players - it's probably a trick best pulled once!).

Volume 1
Volume 2
Volume 3
Volume 4
Volume 5
Volume 6
Volume 7
Volume 8
Volume 9
Volume 10

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