A collection of individual articles touching on how to craft gameworlds and lore for tabletop RPGs - although many of these ideas have much broader application! (Say, for fantasy writing. Or even music or poetry!)

The Living and Dead Lights
The Emancipati
Ghosts of the Whiteout
The Fire-Gazers
Saint Bordoch the Hewer
The Leech
The Blackened Brigade
I Found It Weeping in the Field
Moth Gatherer (monster)
Rust Below
The Two Questions
Cleric Ecology
Silver and Steel
The Three Sisters
Dream-Shade (monster)
Saint Oro-Bora One-Eye
Saint Grenna of Merthis
Saint Be'lak the Bard
An Oracle of Am-Orphis the Seer
Saint Cryndwr Firebeard of Wealdvale
The Hundred Saints
Voldemort is a Lich
The Pool of Prophecy
Diseases Are Demons
Dungeon Ecology
Atheist Cultists
Headless Hunter (monster, system-neutral)
On Beast Races
Aethra's Cairn
Bandit Ecology
Black Ships

See also my Metal Monster Manual weekly series (updating each Monday!), which exists for the express purpose of inspiring game elements such as encounters and setting!

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