Thursday, September 28, 2017

I Found It Weeping in the Field

What do you have now?

I found it weeping in the field

What, an abandoned baby? A whinging pup?


By the Hundred, what IS that?

I found it weeping in the field

Get it OUT of here! Alber, put it back!

It doesn't belong there

Nor does it belong here! Get it out of this house! Put it back in the field - it can starve, for all I care!

I found it weeping

I WON'T- ...Alber, what?

It got heavier

Alber, are you okay? Your eyes...

I need to keep it, Meri We need to keep it

...Why? Why must we?

It needs us It needs to grow big and strong


You know we haven't been able to have a child Now we can have a child

A child


We can

Yes Big and strong



  1. Is that a cambion? Sounds lika a cambion. Atmospheric

    1. It's just something I sat down and wrote up in five minutes; not really supposed to be gameable, or even to represent a specific idea or creature - just to poke at one's imagination, haha. :)
      (That being said, it has poked at my own imagination a bit, and I will likely develop it into something more coherent and usable)