Friday, May 4, 2018

Hexmagus: Hex Name Generator

This is a Google Sheet that generates names for map areas (single or multiple hexes) and hex features (points of interest) for a variety of hex types.

Sample set below.

Here is the link.
To really use, click "File > Make a Copy." (Feel free to shamelessly steal for your own use. You can totally use names you get from this thing, even in published material, without giving me credit; just don't pass the generator itself off as your own.)
As stated in the sheet, CTRL+R (or editing the spreadsheet in any way) triggers a refresh and garners you a new crop of tasty names. (It also refreshes every hour otherwise.) Feel free to add new terms in your copy under any of the subsidiary tabs.

This thing has workable syntax, but sometimes the names it generates are pretty silly. (I almost regard this as a feature, not a bug.) Pick/modify/refresh as necessary.

Ongoing: expanding the term lists.
Possible future changes: adding a "city" category, adding proper nouns to the lists of terms.

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