Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Housekeeping (9/11/18)

- Added a sidebar gadget Ars Magisterii Elsewhere, which leads to my Spotify, G+, Mixcloud, 8tracks, etc!
- Overhauled post tags to be actually useful! Moving Parts are stuff I use in my game that you can use in yours, Rules and Rulings is how I run my game, The World Without Welkin is just information on the setting I made to game in (more on it soon, probably), Music is self-explanatory, In Action contains play reports and play artefacts, and Palimpsests contains worthless jank that I nevertheless don't want to totally delete.
- Reinstated links at the top of my blog, which now lead to an appropriate tag from above!
- My blogroll (on the right) continues to grow!
- Quit my fucking job, so am now unemployed with no idea what to do next!
- Still suicidally depressed! Been over a year since I actually attempted to kill myself, which is a debatably good thing?
- Posting about the above on a fucking blog! As if one couldn't sink lower.
- Probably coming soon: more content that isn't housekeeping and isn't worthless whinging!

Stay tuned!

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