Friday, December 1, 2017

Magus' Music of the Month - November 2017

Music released in November '17 that I listened to and liked.
(Title links are to Spotify, embeds are from Bandcamp (preferred) or YouTube.)

Phinehas - Dark Flag

Phinehas consistently deliver everything I could want from metalcore. they're alternately fast, technical, melodic, and brutal. Dark Flag continues this characterization proudly.

Seas of Years - Three Horizons Away

I haven't been on ships very often, but Seas of Years' drifting post-rock makes me wish I was.

Slow Meadow - Costero

Slow Meadow is a new artist for me. It is music I need in my life. Ambient and neoclassical combine in ways that make one wish they could sit and feel forever.

Your Memorial - Self-Titled

Solid, soulful metalcore. Influences from hardcore and djent peek in here and there. Alas, this is their farewell EP.

Polaris - The Mortal Coil

Not quite my favorite vocal style, but the instrumental work is full of energy and technical in such a good way.

King - Self-Titled

Hardcore infused with deathcore sensibilities. Not my favorite vocal style, but punishing instrumentals make it worth a listen. I got into King through their previous album (The Gathering), which is a much more long-form exploration of downtempo deathcore.

Dan Terminus - Automated Refrains [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Synthwave, but crafted - made with more the mentality of a classical composer than a rockstar. Dan Terminus was my introduction to the genre, and his previous album (The Wrath of Code) still holds a special place in my heart.

Constructs - Shapes

Instrudjental. Technical, but with fine passages incorporating strong post-rock or ambient mentality.

Norilsk - Le Passage Des Glaciers

Freezing-cold, desolate death-doom.

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