Monday, November 20, 2017

Session Reports: Yea or Nay?

Just DM'd a (quick) session today. Probably one or two more over Thanksgiving as friends gather.

I ask you, Reader: are short session reports a good read, or a clutter in your feed?

(I find it to be the latter, but I know some people enjoy them and I'm writing them up anyway for recordkeeping purposes. Just asking if I should polish and post them.)

Please leave a quick comment if you've got an opinion!


  1. I toss mine on my blog so my players can reach them. I guess not many other people read them, but they're there anyways.

    Sometimes I look at reports when I don't have anything else to read while waiting on the bus. Some of them are entertaining or interesting. So I'm going to (rather unhelpfully) say "put them up if you think they are interesting or useful to have on the internet" :p

    1. I'm probably just going to keep adding play reports to the bottom of my recent Modded Maze Rats post, as I'm not anticipating I'll be running a full campaign with what I'm doing right now. That way, it'll all be in one place for my reference (its primary use, probably, haha), and not cluttering up RSS feeds.