Saturday, November 11, 2017

The Emancipati

"If you live in any city of the Inner Six, you've heard of the Emancipati."

"Nominally heretic freedom-fighters, liberators of slaves and serfs, decapitators of nobility and clergy, most do not in fact aspire even to the dubious level of murderers with morals. What started as, perhaps, a vigilante movement with purpose and ethics (of a sort), has become an excuse for base and vulgar criminality of all stripes. Emancipati spicerunners, Emancipati assassins, Emancipati pimps."

"Still, if they find that popular tolerance or noble suppression of their activities grows, they are even now liable to leave a prominent lord's head in a cathedral and whisk said lord's serfs into (wretched, criminal) freedom."

By Piotr Jabłoński
"Individual Emancipati petty criminals are easy to catch, though they are legion. Disturbingly, higher-ranking Emancipati seem much more difficult to apprehend, reportedly exhibiting abilities abnormal to an unSchooled commoner - swimming through walls, dashing through midair, becoming invisible in broad daylight."

"Popular rumor links them to the Sand Baptizers, though, as a professional, I doubt this is more than ill-founded scapegoating."

- from the writings of Erbius the Lorekeeper, Magus of the Fifth Order

For player characters with a more criminal bent, it might be fun to introduce them to the Emancipati.
They claim to be about the elimination of oppression and the breaking down of barriers - and they're not entirely lying.
They also operate in nearly any criminal activity imaginable.
Plenty of gameplay opportunities here, with a moral dilemma or two thrown in for players who care about that kind of thing.
Furthermore, if a party is planning on starting a full-out revolution of any kind, the Emancipati are the first they'll have to get in touch with.

For a week, I'm challenging myself to write SOMETHING gameable (monster, NPC, magic, location, item, etc.) each day. To make it interesting: it must be inspired by the first song that comes up on shuffle from my music library each morning. This is post 6, inspired by "Emancipation - Mike Humphries Remix" by Ronny Vergara and Mike Humphries (SpotifyYouTube).

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