Friday, November 17, 2017

The Living and Dead Lights

"The Astral Mystics have a story which I will tell you now. They say the Archons built the Sun and the Moon, the lights to circle our cosmos and give life to all growing things; a Greater Light for the day, and a Lesser Light for the night. But, when they built these lights, they put too much of themselves into their creation, which became like them and began to think and feel and desire. Seeing the other as their only peers in all the cosmos, it is natural that they began to love one another. Long did the Lesser Light strive to draw near to the Greater, but the Greater feared for the safety of the Lesser and kept distance. One day, the Sun gave in, moved to indiscretion by the Moon's steadfast devotion."

"On that day, the Moon perished. Now, it gives no light of its own, only a charred and burnt reflection. Now, too, its course is inconstant, with no will to guide and regulate it."

"The Sun, the Greater Light, still makes its steady course across the sky. One only wonders what it must think, having destroyed the only one it loves. So say the Mystics, at least."

"You wonder why I tell you this, Disciple. I tell you this tale of the Astral Mystics because, though they have wandered from the Light in many regards, they have grasped in this tale an important truth: intellect begets desire, and desire begets destruction."

"A firm grasp is attained by letting go."

- From The Fivefold Discipline of Aldonis of Evandra, "The Weaver of Five Strands"

This post is a reject from my music-inspired gaming challenge from last week - I came up with a fairly non-gameable idea but couldn't let it go. (It was inspired by "Timeless" by Textures - but if you listen, make sure to listen to the previous track in the album first - "Zman")

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